Politics pushes Americans apart. Breakfast can bring us together.


No matter who you voted for in this election, if you love this country, you probably had some moments where you turned off the TV and thought, “We can’t go on like this.”

America's bipartisan political system has an incentive to convince voters from different places, backgrounds, and faiths that they have nothing in common.  That sitting down for a cup of coffee with each other is a lost cause.  That America is no longer one nation, indivisible.

We don’t buy it.

We began The Diner Project in hopes of healing our nation’s divide, one meal at a time.  We believe that when Americans sit down for honest conversations about the things that really matter, Americans have more in common than they suspect:  We love our families.  We’re proud of the places where we grew up. We love our country and want the best for its future.  We value peace, justice and opportunity.  And on Saturday morning, we all love breakfast.

That's why we've invented Diner Days. Whether you cozy up to a counter in West Virginia and or pull up a stool in West LA, we’ve partnered with diners across the country to bring Americans together over pancakes.  We’re not here to change minds or change votes.  We're here to listen, share stories and strengthen American communities, one conversation at a time.

So, America, let’s get breakfast.