Bold Nebraska Hosts Inaugural Diner Project in Lincoln, Nebraska

LINCOLN, NE -- This Sunday, Bold Nebraska will host Nebraska’s first Diner Project event, a new venture that brings Americans together for one-on-one conversations over breakfast.

“The idea is simple,” says Ben Gotschall, Bold’s Agriculture and Local Foods Director. “When we work together, we win. The Diner Project is designed to bring Americans together for good old fashioned conversations: face to face, without Facebook, cell phones or fake news. After this grueling campaign season, many people realize that Americans need a new way to connect.”

WHAT: Nebraska’s 1st “Diner Day”

WHEN: Sunday, Jan. 22, 10:00 a.m.

WHERE: Hub Café, 250 N 21st St., Lincoln, NE 68503

Nebraska’s first Diner Day will be held at the Hub Cafe in Lincoln, a local food venue that utilizes and promotes Nebraska’s farm-to-fork movement. “The Hub Cafe is a perfect venue for our first event,” says Gotschall. “I see the The Diner Project as an investment in our local community and Hub Cafe already cultivates long-term relationships between Lancaster County’s farmers and Lincoln’s hungry folks.

Lincoln is an equally symbolic place to kick off The Diner Project’s national campaign. Lancaster County voters were fairly evenly split between Trump and Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election, although the state of Nebraska voted overwhelming in favor of Trump.

“If our state is going to come together, we’ll need to put politics aside and focus on what we share, rather than what makes us different,” says Gotschall. “Having an conversation over biscuits and gravy seems like a good place to start.”